Branding, UX/UI, Illustrations

About the Project

Cluey is a platform used to find the perfect vacation location. It’s personalized, trendy and oriented primary towards young professionals looking to explore different corners of the world. Today that’s a trip, tomorrow it could be anything!

Defining the brand

Cluey is different from other travel related sites. It's personalized, it's data driven, it's unique. We came up with this logo, which uses a isotype that conveys the concept of connections, linking two points to form a toggle and the letter C.

Man jumping off of a cliff

A boarding pass style, with a personal touch

We combined different fonts to give Cluey a personal, yet innovative look & feel. Stamps, boarding passes, a vibrant color palette and amazing photographs make the user's experience unforgetable.

Color pallette

An illustrated Cluey universe

Custom illustrations are an amazing visual tool to make the product come to life and give Cluey an undeniable brand identity.


Putting together the elements

We applied the UI to the layout defined in the wireframes, adding images, different typographies, illustrations and the color palette. Every instance had specific objectives for the users and we adapted the designs to the client’s business goals.

Desktop and phone showcase